The Reconstruction Women’s Fund (Serbia)

About Us
Reconstruction Women’s Fund is the only local women’s foundation in Serbia.

The Mission of RWF is to support and sustain feminist political platform against war, nationalism, racism, militarism, all kinds of discrimination and violence against women.

Our basic functions are accountable, transparent and continuous collecting and providing of financial and expert support and strategic connection of compatible initiatives.

Aims of RWF:
• to support autonomy of women’s groups, whose programs affect the public and lead to strategic changes;
• to strengthen their networking, cooperation, solidarity and visibility;
• to stimulate communication and exchange of women’s activist, academic, artistic and pacifist experience and knowledge.

Grantmaking Programmes include:General Support is a programme of annual grants providing a step forward in investing in the development and sustainability of women’s organizations. We grant general support to the groups we have supported in the long run and who proved committed and constant in their chosen issues and methods.

Rapid Response grants are small grants as urgent financial support (within 72 hours) for short-term interventions in cases of unpredicted and most severe violations of women’s human rights, such as violence and discrimination on all grounds.

Stipends Žarana Papić is a programme of support to women activists/academics to improve their access to knowledge and global exchange in the fields related to gender/women’s issues. The majority of our scholarships are awarded for M.A. and Ph.D. Women’s Studies in the country and for some respective gender and peace programmes abroad (Democracy and Diversity Summer Institute in Wroclaw and International Institute for Peace Education organized by Teachers College of Columbia University).

Special Focus programme has been dedicated to pick the point of feminist activism. Since the beginning the programme was oriented to learning and sharing knowledge on critical issues, communication and massive campaigns including strong support to Roma women’s activism. The programme has been increasingly developing as one of RWF’s grantmaking programmes, getting profile of vivid laboratory for engaged initiatives in progress. From 2016 we are making a decisive step to structure Special Focus grantmaking into thematic calls for projects. We shall highlight our key concerns: militarism, nationalism, racism. Our aim is understanding, sharing, identifying and supporting activities confronting the origins of the current politics.

Feminist Local Philanthropy
In addition to grantmaking, RWF is developing programmes for the promotion and visibility of feminist activism/politics and support to education for critical topics as well as for networking, cooperation and public advocacy.

One of our priorities is the programme of Feminist Local Philanthropy, which encourages people to invest in better future, to build together relations which plead for equality, solidarity, transparency and humanity. By investing money in social changes – we change the world. Women know best what is happening in their environment, because above hearing they feel on their skin what need to be changed. We change the existing system to come to a better one which will enable everyone to be happy, and that is our goal.

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Address: 6 Braće Baruh (Apt No 41), 11000 Belgrade Tel: +381 11 2184674

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