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About Us
Indonesia for Humanity was established in 1995 and known as Indonesia Social Foundation for Humanity in the past. Our aim is to support civil society initiatives for justice, democracy and human rights in Indonesia. Indonesia for Humanity has a role as a resource organization that mobilises, manages, and disburses funding for humanity acts that lead to social justice for all.

In its 15 years of existence, Indonesia for Humanity has a wide network of partners at local, national and international level who have entrusted their funds and programs to be mobilized in Indonesia. The funds are distributed as small grants to support a large network of community groups empowering themselves at grass roots level, and to support activists who dedicate their work for humanity.

In 2010, in order to respond the dynamic changes in the society, Indonesia for Humanity changed its strategy to focus on the mobilization of local resources. The resources are varied, including funds, networks, volunteers and knowledge.

What we do:
As a resource organization Indonesia for Humanity mobilises public contributions in the form of funds, volunteers and knowledge. It manages those resources with transparency and accountability to support various community groups in their struggle to overcome poverty, injustice, violations and marginalization. We have three main programmes:
1. Resource mobilisation
2. Sharing Resources
3. Citizenship Empowerment

Our strategic issues:
Based on our assessment of the most critical problems in our nation today, Indonesia for Humanity focus in five strategic issues:
1. Critical education
2. Elimination of gender based violence and discrimination
3. Building a cultural movement for diversity
4. Food sovereignty
5. Support to human rights defenders

How to support us: If you are a concerned individual or community: make your contribution today by being a volunteer, sharing your network, and /or giving your donation through:

Account name: YayasanSosial Indonesia untukKemanusiaan
• Bank MandiriSalemba Raya Branch: Account No. 123-00-0505151-3
• BCA Matraman Branch: Account No. 342-3088997
• Niaga Bank Jatinegera Branch: Account No. 025-01-00098-00-3

A civil society organization: let’s share knowledge, initiate a learning forum and work hand in hand to optimize our work.

A private company: allow us to assist your corporate social responsibility programme.

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Address: Indonesia untukKemanusiaan, Jl. Kemandoran I, No.97, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12210

Tel: (62-21) 548 3918, 9664 9224

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